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Just because your carpet has had an accident doesn’t mean you need to replace it. You may be able to patch the damaged section.

A carpet,How to Repair Minor Burn and Patch Carpet Articles although very beautiful can look real ugly if there is a nasty stain or a hole in it. Read on to find out how to mend a carpet.

However, before we tell you the actual process of patching a carpet, there are certain things that you will need. These are:

  • Carpet Glues
  • Duct Tape
  • Utility Knives

Cutting your replacement pieceWhen it comes to actually cutting out the stained section, you have a couple of choices. You might use the lid from a can as a template. Nail the lid to the floor and using a sharp utility knife, cut around the edges of the lid. Use the same lid as a template to cut your replacement piece, and you will have a very close match. A more accurate method is to lay your replacement piece right over the stained area (be sure the grain is running the right way), and then cut through both layers of carpet at the same time. This way, your replacement piece will exactly match the shape of the damaged section you’re taking out.

Fastening the replacement pieceDouble-sided carpet tape is the easiest method for fastening the patch in place. Stick the tape on the floor first, making sure it gets right to the edge of the hole, then peel the top section of the tape and put the patch into the hole. Carpet tape will hold the patch, but over time, it will dry and lose it stickiness. Plus, it won’t stand up well to any moisture from cleaning your carpets. An alternative method to fasten your patch is to use clear waterproof adhesive or clear silicon caulk. Either of these will stand up better over time and they won’t be damaged by carpet cleaning liquids. Put the adhesive around the edges of the patch and press it into the hole. Here again, be sure you don’t get any on the undamaged carpet fibers. Brush the carpet fibers of the patch and the undamaged carpet together with your hand to remove the visible line where the patch meets the carpet. Put some weight on the patch (books make a good choice) and leave it for 24 hours.   For more useful ideas and assistance on the repair, check our main link here:   auckland carpet repair, carpet patching auckland

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