Pest Control-The Best Defense for Pest Elimination

Often,Pest Control-The Best Defense for Pest Elimination Articles many people buying their first home are unaware and unprepared for the many types of pest infestation present. The common types of insect infestations that cause the most concern to owners in both businesses and homes are cockroaches, termites and bedbugs. Bedbugs are not visually seen and pose a host of health problems. They give evidence of their presence through their bloodsucking activity that shows up on an individual’s body. The persistent presence of cockroaches can pose a breathing problem for asthmatics with the droppings they leave behind. Termites can cause havoc as they destroy and weaken wood, which can result in costly repairs. Other pests that cause significant problems to business and homeowners include ants, rodents, wasps, bees, fleas, ticks and more. Through a professional and licensed, pest elimination services that has certified technicians, individuals can begin to enjoy a pest-free environment the way it was intended.
Through services that include strategies such as traps, baits, and the use of Termidor, which is an environmentally friendly insecticide, a professional pest control service can eliminate the presence of unwanted pests. Services provided often include free quotes, custom programs, written warranties, home inspections, emergency services and more.

Many times pests breed very quickly and can seem to take over. Sometimes amateur methods and home remedies for pest elimination do nothing more than leaves you with a full-blown infestation. Professional and friendly pest elimination services will work with you to get rid of the unwanted guests in a safe, quick and efficient manner. Call a pest elimination service today that provides around the clock service when you find yourself in an infestation situation and need emergency service. Through a full property or home inspection, a professional pest control company can determine what type of pest is present and customize a plan to get rid of your pest problems.

One of the services available from a reputable company that gets rid Pest control of unwanted pest is the use of K-9 teams. Through a method known as scent detection, k-9 teams that are made up of licensed and certified handlers and bed bug dogs allow you to receive two great experts for one price. Using dogs that are specialists in detecting bed bugs in homes, motels, nursing homes, hospitals, vehicles, warehouses, daycare centers, apartment buildings and more is a great method for getting rid of bed bugs. These dogs are trained to detect both variable eggs and live bed bugs from items such as skin casts, droppings, and dead bugs. With the use of this service, major infestation can be prevented through early detection.

Other services provided through a pest control elimination company that is up-to-date on the latest methods of getting rid of pests include services for:
• Controlling animals
• Carpenter ant elimination
• Mice extermination
• Rodent control
• Roach control
• Flea control
• Tick control and more

Choosing a pest elimination service that is IPM registered, licensed and insured, gives free estimates, has a reputation for being on time, provides custom services, are BBB members, provides annual preventative programs and more is the best defense for pest elimination.